Healthy foods

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Here are some great tips on how to eat healthy…


Ricotta cake

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Ricotta cake – is a dream cake, going way back to my childhood days! The search is on for the one that tastes anything like I used to taste! So here are a list of websites with various versions to try out  …


Pound cake

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This is a a classic favorite of mine. I am adding a list of websites here that add their own version with tips on getting the best so you can adapt it.


A simple snack!

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Back in my school days final year, we had a Cookery Teacher, who was a young newly married. She took us students to her home one day (because she was one of those friendly teachers!) and showed us how to make this simple snack. A good idea to use up left over bread slices!


Bread slices – 12 (for 3-6 people)

Potatoes – 3-4

Salt, pepper to taste

Pinch of chilli powder (optional)

1- 2 Eggs for coating

Breadcrumbs for coating

Oil for frying


Boil potatoes, cool and mash. Add salt, pepper, chilli powder and set aside.

Cut of edges of bread slices.

Dip each slice in a small bowl of water, lightly, squeeze out water between the palms of your hands.

Take a small portion of the mashed potato and put in the centre of the bread slice.

Roll it up like a finger snack.

Dip in beaten egg.

Coat with the breadcrumbs.

Heat a frypan with oil and fry them gently, with a light golden colour. Do not overcook.

Drain any excess oil on paper.

Can be eaten plain or with a dip – tomato ketchup or chilli sauce.

Homemade crackers

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I remember as a child growing up in India, we had a wide variety of biscuits at the biscuit shop or the Biscuit Man would come with his box of biscuits once in a while. There was a huge variety, not just the delicious sweet biscuits, but the crispy crackers as well! You know the ones where you could lather on some butter! Buttery, sugary shortbread! Coconut cookies! Macaroons! There were even little tiny round biscuits, which were the childrens’ favorite ofcourse, because of their size.

Here is a recipe similar to what I have been looking out for some time! Homemade crackers!

6 surprising foods you can freeze!

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Daily servings of Fruit and Vegetables

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